Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dig In- Pruning Azaleas

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Dig In- Tips from Nettie at Uncanoonuc

How Do I Prune my Azaleas?

Neglected Azaleas, both evergreen and deciduous types, can be rejuvenated by pruning. You could do this now or right after bloom, but before summer when they start to set buds for next year's show. Don't shear them which would ruin their natural gracefulness and result in lots of twiggy growth.

Remove about a third of the older stems at the base of the shrub each year for the next three years. Also remove any dead, broken or inward growing branches. If it is still congested, remove some of the side branches aiming for a balanced framework. (Overgrown lilacs can be rejuvenated this way too.) Don't worry about taking too much wood out - they are forgiving.

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