Thursday, February 19, 2015

We Have Moved

The London-Faringdon coach, 1835, James Pollard (1792 - 1867)

Notes from Juniper Hill blog has moved to a new location and can now be found at, or by clicking here.  In addition to writing about gardens and gardening, more and more of my time lately has been devoted to garden photography.  For that reason, it seemed like the right time to combine that work with the Notes from Juniper Hill gardening blog so that everything is in one convenient and easily accessible location on the web.

This blog will still be here for accessing archival material, so please feel free to visit anytime.  You will also be able to connect back to this site at any time from our new location.

I would like to thank all of you loyal followers of Notes from Juniper Hill over the past several years. Your thoughtful comments and encouragement have made writing the blog a true delight!  And, I hope that you’ll check out the new blog which has a fresher, cleaner and more simplified look and is now fully integrated with my photography website.  I'll look forward to catching up with you at our new home!


Joe Valentine
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