Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools?

Hold it right there, Hyacinths.  Not quite yet, Narcissus. Could you come back in awhile, Crocuses?  Perhaps we'll see you a little later, Snowdrops?


  1. I am hoping this is an April Fools joke Joe!

    If not...come on over and have a look at my photos on Country Garden Dreaming from last year's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Scroll to the bottom of the post and click on the pink 'here'. I think you will enjoy the features on that post :)

    Best wishes


  2. Oh, Jeanne. It's a joke alright! But I wish it was an April Fool's joke. Not sure how long it will keep this up today but, so far, the force is still with us; electrical, that is.

    I made that virtual leap to Hampton Court, via country-garden-dreaming, and spent the last several minutes enjoying all that flower power and those luscious images that are your trademark. My favorite had to be the couple stretched out on the lawn in their bare feet. Oh, to see green grass again!--Joe

  3. This was the poem on Garrison Keillor's page this morning. It fits Joe's photo all too well. Sigh... It's no joke!

    Long Winter
    by Tim Nolan

    So much I've forgotten
    the grass

    the birds
    the close insects

    the shoot—the drip—
    the spray of the sprinkler

    the heat of the Sun

    the impossible

    the flush of your face
    so much

    the high noon
    the high grass

    the patio ice cubes
    the barbeque

    the buzz of them—
    the insects

    the weeds—the dear
    weeds—that grow

    like alien life forms—
    all Dr. Suessy and odd—

    here we go again¬—
    we are turning around

    again—this will all
    happen over again—

    and again—it will—

    "Long Winter" by Timothy J. Nolan.


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