Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Blogger- Maude Odgers

Make Your Garden Sing

“A garden should make you feel you've entered privileged space -- a place not just set apart but reverberant -- and it seems to me that, to achieve this, the gardener must put some kind of twist on the existing landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry.”   - Michael Pollan

Have you ever been to someone's garden and come home and said, “I wish my garden looked like that.” Well I suspect all gardeners, young and old, beginner and advanced, have felt this way. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what it is that we are drawn to in a garden, yet we have a sense it ‘feels right.’ Trying to implement what we see and sense isn’t always easy. The beauty and the mystery is that all gardens are unique. Ideas may be borrowed but how they are used becomes ours.

In my years of gardening there are some threads that I’ve discovered that help a garden work and ‘feel right.’ How you make them unique to you is your job, but starting with a few basics is helpful. These are the ones that stand out for me:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Puppets in Paradise

Looking for something to do with the kids this weekend?  Sandglass Theater presents two days of puppetry and performance in the enchanted setting of landscape architects Gordon and Mary Hayward’s gardens. Walk the gardens and view herbs, flowers, and other beautiful flora as you meet puppets, theater artists and musicians around each corner and behind every bush. This community event and Sandglass benefit is a local favorite. Food and refreshments add to the delight of a beautiful day. Click here for more info.
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