Tuesday, September 4, 2012


In the very first sentence of the introduction to his book, Your House, Your Garden, designer Gordon Hayward says..."Your house is the center of your garden."  And, if your definition of a garden extends to the beauty of the surrounding natural world, as it rightfully should, then perhaps no house in America epitomizes this statement more than Frank Lloyd Wright's, Fallingwater.

Gordon made a recent trip to Pennsylvania to visit Wright's iconic architectural masterpiece and sends back these photos.  According to Gordon... "It was a thrill to be there in perhaps the house in America that fuses architecture with the natural world." 

Wright designed the house in Mill Run, Pa. in 1935 for the Kauffman family and it has been called his "most beautiful project."  It is listed among Smithsonian's Life List of 28 places "to visit before you die" as an example of "triumph of vision."

All photos copyright Gordon Hayward.

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