Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dig In- Tips from Nettie at Uncanoonuc

Nettie's Picks:  Here are two plants to know and grow!

        Athyrium x niponicum 'Pictum'

Shown in the photo above, 'Ghost' Fern (Athyrium x niponicum 'Pictum') is, hands down, my favorite fern, and I'm a huge fan of ferns in general (Click here to see my post on garden ferns). It flourishes in partial shade to shade in a fairly rich, moist, but well-drained soil. There it will form stunning 2 1/2 - 3' clumps of very upright, silvery-grey fronds. It is different and very, very pretty. 'Ghost' Fern's strict vertical habit and unusual frosted color are nothing short of dramatic. We grow it with 'Chocolate Wings' Rodgersia and Bottlebrush Buckeye, but the design possibilities are unlimited.

Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'

There are lots of other enchanting varieties of Fairy Wings which are also known as Bishop's Hat and Barrenwort (Ugh!) One of my favorites is the White Fairy Wings (Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'). It is smaller overall, growing 10" high and 1' wide. It makes a charming addition to the shady border and can be used as a small scale ground cover.

Photo of fern by Charlie Lemay.  Photos courtesy of Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials

For more gardening tips from Nettie at Uncanoonuc, click here.

To learn more about Uncanoonuc Mt. Perennials, visit their website at www.uncanoonucmt.com

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