Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out Now

Malus 'Donald Wyman'
The Crabapples Are Singing

We have over twenty crabapples scattered throughout the garden and right about now, when their flowers are in full bloom, they are all buzzing. Loaded with bees, you can't walk by any one of them without it sounding like an experiment in electricity gone haywire.

Here are the Malus Sargentii 'tinas' in full bloom, underplanted with Buxus 'wintergem' and Peony 'blaze' loaded with buds and ready to pop in another week or two.

Looking across the clipped green garden, there are two Malus 'Donald Wymans' in bloom along with a large unknown variety.

Two more Malus 'Donald Wymans' in the lilac garden.  This is a small formal garden that serves as an entrance to a lower garden area and, in addition to the crabapples, contains plantings of Buxus 'green mountain' and 'green gem' as well as four Syringa meyeri 'palibins.'  Because this is an old New England farm, there are many ancient lilacs scattered throughout the property which, at this time of year, fill the air with a fragrance that is practically intoxicating.

This area of ancient lilacs, adjacent to the big red barn, is completely underplanted with blue Hosta 'big daddy,' Bergenia 'winter glut,' Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford,' Allium 'globemaster,' and Geranium macrorrhizum 'Bevan's variety.'  We always fill the dolly tub in the center of the area with Actaea simplex 'hillside black beauty' so that the color combination of the entire area  is predominantly burgundy and purple.

Here is a small Malus 'Adams' flanking the pink gate.  The bed under the Adams is planted with Buxus 'green mountain,' Allium 'christophii,' Tradescantia 'Concord grape' and Sedum telephium 'autumn joy.'

This is a shot of several of the ten Malus 'Robinsons' that make up the crabapple allee on the north side of the garden.  The Robinsons are one of my favorite crabapples and we use them in several places in the garden.  They have very deep pink blossoms but their real asset is their burgundy tinted foliage.

But it's not just the crabapples that are putting on a show right now.  There is a lot happening in other parts of the garden. Akebia quinata is covering the terrace pergola with its gorgeous deep burgundy flowers that have the most unique scent.

And then there is the Daphne 'Carol Mackie' planted right next to a gravel path that has the most wonderful and powerful fragrance. She is planted next to a Weigela 'wine and roses' and underplanted with Epimedium 'rubrum.'

Many of our rhododendrons are just about to flower but all of our Cunningham Whites are already in full flower.  This one is underplanted with Heuchera 'obsidian.'


  1. Joe,
    Everything looks lovely.The gate and Malus 'Adams' is perfect. Looking forward to your England pictures-- I returned late last night. A lot happened in NH while I was gone!

  2. Thank you, Michael and welcome home! I have been happily following your trip to England on Yes, things looked quite different on our return, after the almost two weeks of solid rain. Most especially the grass! Hope to see you soon!--Joe


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