Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Green Grass of Home

With this beautiful Spring weather, I think the grass has grown an inch a day.  And if you think I'm excited about all this flush of green, you should see the sheep. They don't look sheepish at all.  They are all wearing smiley faces. And every once in awhile all the lambs get happy feet and they jump and hop around like they're on little pogo sticks. This usually starts with one lamb and then quickly spreads to the rest like some sort of Saint Vitus dance.

Every new lamb is following its mother around learning the finer techniques of grazing:  Which types of grass are the most tender and delicious, and which weeds should be avoided at all costs.  But right now, the occasional annoying thistles aren't up yet and the poisonous milkweed is nowhere to be seen.  The grass right now is the equivalent of a baby lettuce salad.

But it's important not to have too much too soon and so, initially, the flock spends only a few hours a day on the lush green grass.  Tummies that are accustomed to a winter diet of hay need to adjust slowly.


  1. Joe, you must be very happy to see that green green grass of home!
    I never thought I would say it but of the many things I miss about
    living in New Zealand, is the sheep!

    Best gardening wishes...


  2. Hi Jeanne: Well, being in the heart of England right now, I have to say that the green grass of home has a hard time competing with the lush green grass of the Cotswolds.--Joe


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