Sunday, December 2, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside


There is hardly ever an ugly moment in the garden.  Even during the dead of winter, if your garden has good structure, there will be plenty of winter interest to carry you through until the spring thaw. Some of the most beautiful moments in the garden come during the early stages of winter when, on a chilly morning, a light frost can make a plant sparkle as if it were a jewel.  There is sleet and freezing rain, which can down power lines and wreak havoc on the roadways, but can transform a tree into a crystal chandelier.  And, there are those occasional early snowfalls that will catch a few of the flowering plants still in their prom dresses, but can make everything look like a scene right out of the Nutcracker.  To see some early winter images that were captured in the garden here at Juniper Hill (many by Karl Smizer), click on the photo above.


  1. Beautiful images Joe....a memorable collection. I am feeling a book coming could easily do it. I am still pondering how you managed to tie a Picasa Web slideshow to this post. It may be a step or two beyond my technical capabilites. Something for me to ponder this monday morning.
    Best wishes for a frosty week...and lots more photos!

    1. Thank you, Jeanne! It looks like we are on that early December weather roller coaster. One day I'm writing about how frosty everything is, and the next how we're headed for sixty degrees. Global weirdness, I suspect. Cheers, Joe


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