Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wait, Wait...I'm Not Ready!

Every year at this time, the holidays seem to run together
and Christmas sneaks up on me.
Its an old trick of Saint Nick, I think.
And before I can say "just charge it on Visa,"
It's time to hang the holiday wreaths...
and then it's here.


  1. Harriet (from Whichford, UK)December 13, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    Lovely wreaths, and indeed buildings! I particularly like your fruity arrangements with welcoming pineapples - that's an idea I have to steal...
    I'm not ready either. I left my brain somewhere in October. Happy holidays!

    1. So, what I think I hear you saying is that there are a couple of gardeners on opposite sides of the pond who really need to get their you-know-whats in gear. Happy holidays to you too, Harriet! ~ Joe

  2. Add me in there too....from across the sea. I just counted how many days there are until Christmas...where is the time going? Joe...I think you have many callings...obviously decorating your house for Christmas is one of them. I am having serious green wreath envy as I look at my twigs filled with fake flowers and leaves. Oh for the scent of evergreen about now....

    Happy Planning for Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Jeanne...but I can't take too much credit. The wreaths are made by Jenny Turcott Smith at Wreaths By Jenny (she can be found at Handmade Holiday Wreaths by Jenny on Facebook) and Paula and I borrowed the idea for the planters from traditional decorations at Colonial Williamsburg, with Paula being the major fruit arranger. Happy Holidays! ~ Joe


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