Monday, March 26, 2012

A Behind The Scenes Look at Great Dixter

Photo of Great Dixter by Andrea Geesaman

Helen O'Donnell, our galloping gardener from Vermont, is once again giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the workings of one of the great gardens of the world, Christopher Lloyd's Great Dixter.

Helen will be spending a month working at Great Dixter and, lucky for us, blogging about her experiences there.  Last year, Helen spent the month of March working at Hidcote, Lawrence Johnston's magnificent garden in the Cotswolds.

Helen O'Donnell in the High Garden at Great Dixter beside Hebe cupressoides 'Broughton Dome'.

Helen is both a serious gardener and an accomplished artist.  You can read more about her by clicking here.  And, you can follow her daily adventures at Great Dixter through her blog, Anemone Times, which you can also link to through the Featured Garden Blogs on the sidebar here at Notes from Juniper Hill.

Happy gardening, Helen!


  1. Joe,
    All I can say is: Very Jealous!!! I'm looking to having a vicarious thrill following Helen's adventures.

  2. I'm also very green with envy, Michael!

  3. Thanks for this lovely shout out! I am having the best time!!


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