Monday, April 2, 2012

Cirque du Swift

This past Thursday, Swift Corwin made his annual appearance here to do some tree pruning and cleanup from winter damage.  Watching him perform his craft is a little like watching an act from Cirque du Soleil; and just as breathtaking!  He travels through the treetops moving from tree to tree without ever touching the ground.  There are no ladders, no cranes, no booms, baskets, or cherry pickers. Only a rope, some safety rigging, and one strong and agile young arboreal acrobat who clearly doesn't suffer from acrophobia.

He starts at the very top of the tallest pines, removing dead wood.
And then, working his way down the tree, he 
prunes unwanted branches 
that he will often tie off and 
float gently to the ground to protect
the garden below.

Anchored to the top of a nearby hemlock,
well above the roof-line of the barn,
he swings over to this aging and decaying
birch like some trapeze artist, 

which he then cuts from the top down.

Swift Corwin can be contacted at Swift Tree Care, Peterborough, NH 603-547-7401.


  1. Tree trimmers are so daring! We were forced to have a very old tree taken mostly down by our back door and I found that I could not watch most of their antics.

    Glad to find your wonderful blog through Anemone Times, which I also featured on my blog this week. I look forward to reading more about your gardens this season.
    Julie in PA

  2. You're absolutely right, Julie. You almost have to turn away at times, it's so dizzying!

    I'm so happy you found us here at Juniper Hill! And I just bookmarked your gorgeous blog as well. As a Pennsylvania native it will be great fun to check in with you to see what's growing in that neck of the woods. Thanks for your comment and I look forward to chatting again!




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