Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Behind The Lens

Behind The Lens- Local Food and Giving Thanks

Giving thanks is what many of us do this time of year as we gather with our family and friends around the table on Thanksgiving day. Often we forget to remember the significance of all the hard work and effort given by our local farmers every day of the year. It is my hope that through my artwork, I will raise awareness regarding the importance of eating locally grown fresh foods not just for our own health, but also for the positive benefits that buying locally can have on our own communities both economically and socially.

In this post you will see a collection of my artistic perspective of a few products of community supported agriculture.  For more on this topic, you can check out my new blog by clicking here.

All photos copyright Drea Geesaman Images and Studio

You can visit Andrea's website by clicking here.

For more photos by Andrea, click here.


  1. Amazing photos Andrea, inspiring for next spring. Congrats on the new blog, it is gorgeous.

  2. Andrea, these are BRILLIANT. It's as if I never saw a radish before = I mean, I looked but didn't see until you showed me the inner radish. And that cauliflower! Holy Toledo. How could anyone eat such a masterpiece? Thank you. And please keep working with farmers to make their produce into mouthwatering art.

  3. Thanks Paula! I am excited to begin this new adventure!

  4. Hi Tovah,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I am very excited to now be a part of the blogging community and exploring new avenues with my photography. You are an amazing gardener, writer and creative talent! I was just at Terrain recently and am inspired to start a Terrarium with my daughter. I LOVE your new book! Look for some pics to be posted on the blog a little later on this. It may be more comical than anything for I don't have the green thumb that my father has. My skill as a gardener is very much a work in progress.

  5. Thank you so much, Andrea. Of course, I don't believe a word of your claim that the green thumb skipped a generation. Bull! But the beauty of terrariums is that they're so easy, they make gardeners of EVERYONE. And it's all about creating beauty, isn't it? You're super at that...you've got the eye.

  6. I am so excited for you! Your blog is "terrific".

  7. Thank you Patty! I think it will be a fun new creative adventure.


Thank you for your comments!

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