Saturday, October 15, 2011



There are many times in the garden when serendipity trumps thoughtful planning. This pot of cordyline is a perfect example.

It looked pretty nice throughout the season, bringing a dash of color to the boxwoods and Miscanthus 'morning light' grasses that surround it.  The stronger vertical shape and texture of the cordyline contrasted nicely with the thin, fountain-like filaments of the grasses, too.

But it wasn't until now, when the grasses began flowering, that I realized what a great combination I luckily stumbled upon.  The color of the muted red cordyline is a perfect match for the color of the morning light's flowers.

Martha Stewart couldn't have done better had she come in and said, "put that with that!"  It's a combo that I will make good use of next year when I'll claim it was all very thoughtfully planned.


  1. so great when that love love the combo!

  2. Hi Cheryl! Yes, I love the combo, too. This group of morning lights has been in place now for three years and this is the first year we've seen anything like this from them. So, a nice surprise all around!



  3. Really beautiful photos of such a great grass!


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