Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Theatre In The Garden

The Stalagmites (Zak Grace, Jana Zeller, Shoshana Bass and Darden Longenecker)
perform "The Orb"

It was gorgeous New England weather this past weekend when over 700 people enjoyed Puppets in Paradise, a two day extravaganza of theatre arts that took place in the enchanting gardens of Gordon and Mary Hayward in Westminster West, Vt.  Ten spectacular short performances were repeatedly presented throughout the day, according to a masterful schedule that gave visitors a chance to see the entire program.  Each performance was set against a different backdrop in the beautiful Hayward gardens.   And, there was delicious food, wonderful music and a celebration of community!

Puppets in Paradise is a presentation of Sandglass Theater, a non-profit theatre company located in Putney, Vermont that specializes in the art of puppet theatre and performance art.  For more information on Sandglass Theater you can email them at info@sandglasstheater.org or check out their website at www.sandglasstheater.org.

For more photos from this weekend's event, read on...

Master kite flyer, Curtiss Mitchell moves in and out among the orchard trees
performing "Soaring Dreams" set to the music of Leonard Cohen
Pachyderm meets mobile technology.  Amanda Maddock performs the very
clever "Truncated"
The Company of Strangers (actually not strangers but father and daughters)
performs "Sweep's Escape"
Tom Getschell displays his precise and delicate marionette skills in "Visual Poem"
The French Maitre d' opens Fluke Theater's very funny performance of
"Cafe Parisien"
Wonderspark Puppets, from Brooklyn, NY, perform "Dueling Chefs"

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