Monday, March 14, 2011

Out Now

It's the time for swelling buds and melting snow. To see what's out right now in the more.


  1. Do all your boxwood really look that good without having to be covered? Do you spray them with an anti-desiccant?

  2. Hi Pat: Almost all of our boxwoods are left uncovered during the winter except the Buxus 'suffruticosa's' which are pushing their comfort zone here. Those we wrap with burlap. We don't use any anti-desiccants. As a matter of fact, the only large boxwood I ever lost here was one that I sprayed with an anti-desiccant because I feared that it was in a very bad spot on the north side of the house. That may have been a coincidence but it was enough for me to throw away the spray. Occasionally, some of our largest, lower growing boxwoods, like Winter Gem, have had their centers damaged from the weight of the snow, but a little creative pruning has re-shaped them so they look acceptable. This winter will be a real test, however, with snow that's been deeper than we've had in years.--Joe


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