Friday, March 11, 2011

The 100 Must-Have Garden Plants

The list of the 100 must-have garden plants, chosen by people like Dan Pearson, Piet Oudolf, Fergus Garrett and others, has just arrived here with my latest copy of Gardens Illustrated.  Even though some old favorites appear among the selections, I have included the entire list with the hope that it might get you to try out something new this season.  It's also fun to go down the list and see how many you already have in your garden.  And, if you have some real winners, or losers, leave a comment and let us all know about them.

For more details on each plant, you can pick up a copy of the February edition of Gardens Illustrated or check out their website, by clicking on the link.  For expanded info on plants that spark your interest, you can also check the Crocus website.  They are a mail-order nursery that stocks at least three-quarters of the plants on the list.  They are located in the UK, however, so don't plan on whipping out the credit card just yet, unless you live on that side of the Atlantic.

Once you've done a little web research, call or visit your local nursery to check for availability and get the real low-down on each plant.


  1. thank you so much for the list ...

    1. You're welcome, Berwyn Farm! And, thank you for the visit to the blog and your comment!

  2. Inspiration for my garden in 2015 and beyond. Thank you!


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