Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Join Us On The Big Book of Faces

The layers of color in Gordon and Mary Hayward's Vermont garden would lend themselves well to the artist's brush.

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Notes from Juniper Hill shared The Beth Chatto Gardens's album.

Pimpinella major 'Rosea' - one of our favourite umbellifers.
A close up of Pimpinella major 'Rosea'
Photo by Claude Smekens: www.claudesmekens.be
Just a sample of the incredible stonework of Dan Snow in the Berg garden, Walpole, New Hampshire. For more about Dan…www.dansnowstoneworks.com
Here's another shot of that Netpeta 'Walkers Low' hedge from another angle. We like to layer hedges with different foliage textures and then shape them in slightly different forms. In addition to the low, flowering hedge of Nepeta, also visible in this photo are hedges of boxwood, (Buxus 'Winter Gem'), yew (Taxus 'Hicksii') and privet (Ligustrum amurense).
Simplify, simplify.
It's peony time at Juniper Hill as they line several paths, including this one that borders the Zen Garden.
Ladybird poppies (Papaver commutatum) really light up a corner of Helen O'Donnell's Vermont garden. Papaver commutatum was originally developed by William Thompson in 1876 from a species introduced from Russia. William Thompson published his first plant catalog in 1855 and went on to launch the Thompson and Morgan seed company, which is still going strong today and still offering Ladybird Poppy seeds: http://bit.ly/18ci8Nb.
Notes from Juniper Hill shared Restaurant "Le Temps Des Cerises" - Namur Belgium's photo.
Notes from Juniper Hill shared Plantswise by Tovah Martin's photo.

To make amends for being off the screen, I'm going to bring you along with me to LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton, LI where I was this weekend. Prepare to be awed, because I certainly was transported. This is gardening at its best. Better still = go visit. You owe it to yourself. Where to begin?
From The Department of The interior…

Photo by Claude Smekens: www.claudesmekens.be
A grand entrance backed by some gorgeous trees!

Photo via Tumblr
Things are really popping in Len and Meredeth Allen's New Hampshire garden.
Notes from Juniper Hill shared Secret language of flower's photo.

Heuchera 'Amethyst Mist'
Notes from Juniper Hill shared France d'art et de lumière's photo.

Les géraniums du Jardin du Luxembourg !
Notes from Juniper Hill shared Ecossistemas - Gardens Centers photo.
Notes from Juniper Hill shared 武士〜Takeshi〜's photo.
A few stone steps invite you to explore this path through a woodland garden in New Hampshire.
The low hedge of Nepeta 'Walkers Low' is now in full flower at Juniper Hill.
Peonies and Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) are blooming along a path at Juniper Hill.


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    1. Thank you, Jeanne! It's always good to keep the neighbors happy! :)

  2. I have just discovered this site and I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it! Lovely pictures, good advice. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! So happy you discovered us and I hope that you'll come back often!




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