Saturday, December 17, 2011

Like Hand in Glove

Still haven't found the right gift for that special gardener on your list?  Here's a suggestion from guest blogger Gordon Hayward who recommends a pair of Green Mountain gloves:

Green Mountain workgloves are clearly the finest heavy-duty work gloves Mary and I have found over thirty years for gardening tasks such as pruning roses, setting stone or brick, or any repetitive job like raking leaves in the fall. Three generations of the Haupt family from Randolph, Vermont have been making these superior gloves, which they call driver's gloves, from Afghani goatskin. They're soft, supple, durable and cost around $50. Three days ago, Mr. Haupt told me, "They say our gloves cost one-third more than other work gloves but last four to five times longer."

Mary and I featured these remarkable gloves in our book, Tending Your Garden: A Year-Round Guide to Garden Maintenance and you will be able to read more about them and the Haupt family in my upcoming article for the June-July, 2012 issue of Organic Gardening Magazine.

For men, I would suggest asking for style A47RO or A47R (with seams on the outside).  And for women, ask for style 5104, a variation on A47RO.  To order, here's the contact information:

Green Mountain Glove Company
PO Box 25
Randolph, VT  05060
PH: 802-728-9160


  1. Beautiful gloves. I would love to purchase for Pleasure Carriage Driving shows. Unfortunately, Carriage rules require gloves that are more chocolate colored (as opposed to creamy colored). But again, these look very very nice. If you could procure the same gloves, tanned in a darker color, you might open up a whole new category of customers, from the Carriage Driving Community. I actually found your site posted in the "CD-L list", a carriage driving blog.

    1. Hi Marcia,

      Thanks for your nice comment! Gordon Hayward tells me that you should call the Green Mountain Glove Company at( 802) 728-9160
      and ask to talk to Kurt Haput, the owner, who might well be able to accommodate your request for a darker color glove. Good luck! Hope this works out for you. Cheers, Joe Valentine

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