Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Garden Media Guild Awards

Yesterday, The Garden Media Guild of the UK announced this year's winners of the GMG Awards.  The Garden Media Guild Awards celebrate the best in UK garden writing- including books, newspapers and magazines-photography, broadcasting- TV and radio- and new media- including gardening websites and gardening blogs.  Certainly within the UK they are the equivalent of the garden media 'Oscars.'

This year's award for the Blog of the Year went to Mark Diacono for Otter Farm Blog.

Judges’ comments:  Mark Diacono’s blog from Otter Farm is highly personal, entertaining, beautifully written and full of diverse elements – some educational, some just plain funny. Most recently these include Mark attempting to play cricket with pigs to a description of him trapped sweating in a tractor cab after having run over a wasps’ nest. He fully exploits the medium using not only timely, well-wrought words, but also beautiful photography and video clips. The site is easily negotiated and packed with interest.

The winner for the Website of the Year was edited by Daniel Haynes.

Judges’ comments:  The Gardeners’ World website provides a great resource for British gardneners with monthly tasks, a great plant database and how tos. Words, great photography and video clips combine to entertain, educate and inform visitors to the site. In addition, there’s some lively blogs, competitions and offers. All in all, it’s a comprehensive and useful source of information that’s lively, interactive and easy to negotiate.

The award for the Inspirational Book of the Year went to Dan Pearson for Home Ground: Sanctuary in the City, published by Octopus.

Judges' comments:  Beautifully understated design, simple structure, sublime photography and Dan Pearson’s calm and natural writing style, all contribute to make this a quiet triumph.

For a complete list of winners and finalists in the categories of books, broadcast, photography, press, journalism, new talent, environmental, plants, and lifetime achievement, click here. 

All images courtesy of the Garden Media Guild.


  1. Its funny coming across the GMG winners on a US blog as I know Mark and some of the others. I submitted my blog but sadly obviously not what they were looking for

  2. Hi Helen, Thanks for checking in and for your comment! Many of us here feel a strong connection to UK gardens and gardeners. After all, where would we be without you? As for for the awards, I hope you'll give your nice blog another try next year! We will be cheering for you from this side of the pond!


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