Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Garden Inspirations Workshop

Interested in growing better vegetables next season?  Then, here's the event for you!  "Growing Vegetables," the second annual Garden Inspirations workshop to benefit the Latchis Theatre, in Brattleboro, Vermont is intended to provide gardeners with practical down-to-earth information about growing veggies, from choosing seeds this winter, growing those seeds into plants in the spring and summer, and then harvesting and cooking with them next fall.  The day will include insights from experienced Vermont farmers as well as acclaimed TV personality, Roger Swain, known to millions as the host of the popular PBS show, "The Victory Garden."  It all happens on Saturday, January 24th.  What better way to put a little springtime into a cold January day than learning how to grow warm season vegetables!  Click "read more" for additional info below....

Click on any of the images or ticket order form to enlarge. For more information, you can call the Latchis Theater at 800-798-6301, email, or click here for the Latchis website.

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